Care of a baby. However to bring down the temperature of an infant?


Children under one year is good to give the bisque raisins, and after a year - stewed melon. To the note that raspberry provokes sweating. So, be good to drink other beverages newborn before giving raspberries. Moreover, despite the long-standing practice to apply Kalina-raspberry-grapefruit, sour at high temperatures is contraindicated, so a acidity of the body in this state along raised.

Various juices at big temperatures is as well very desirable.

If a newborn goes done drink and refuses to drink is permitted, it is correct to let him drink, she same, what he does not drink at all.

And strive to drink temperature was approximately equal to the temperature of a aging body.

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How to cook a "proper" babies's bisque


If you possess decided on what bisque or broth will make bisque for children, first good wash out items (fresh meat or fresh fish - definitely recent) and cut into little items. After fill them with coldness water, bring to a seethe, rinse and refill with water - hot. By the technique, gastroenterologists recommend cooking bisque soup on a second, not only for infants but as well for adults.

How, make a broth for soup in 1/2 an hour with a time a boil complete short warmth. Will certainly do sure that the bisque was bubbling - let them quietly brewed. After a soup to infuse and drain. Thus prepared for a broth base can save the most amount of vitamins.

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Candles Infants of the temperature


Following on the safety and efficacy of anti-fever medication for infants is ibuprofen (Nurofen, Ibufen), but it is more risky in terms of adverse events than paracetamol. As, if the use of the latter is impossible or ineffective, so prescribe Ibuprofen. It is given to babies with 12 weeks at a dose of 5 to 20 mg / kg / time.

Please To the note that a absorption of liquid forms of drugs are correct and faster than the solid, so you are more preferable for little kids. As well very effective are rectal suppositories - they possess a more lasting capacity, which starts in size 3 hours, which makes it particularly suitable form for administration at bedtime.

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Child. Soups for children under one year


We've learned that lunch need certainly be broth. However we were taught back in the Soviet kindergartens, how taught today in the gardens of our infants and however say most Russian pediatricians and parents. But is it really indispensable for children bisque? Controversy on this subject alone inflame. A lot of Western pediatricians believe that if the child does not claim to eat first - no issue with that. He will fill a body's demand for fluids other way. Russian, doctors assured: in a diet of our infants want certainly be soup, each time!

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Newborn care. What antipyretic pick out?


Doctors ofttimes recommend a apply of candles. You are fast acting and irreplaceable when the child refuses to drink the medicine. The older children prefer syrup. Some a effectiveness of a medicine: approximately equally helf ibuprofen and paracetamol (synonyms - dofalgan, Panadol, kalpol, meksalen, dolomol, efferalgan, Tylenol). And the 1-st has also analgesic effect (but is contraindicated in the first half of life). A paracetamol - a cure for their unique security. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Beds


Choose a bed for yet grown offspring will be equally responsible and even a small more complicated than for a newborn. 1-st of all, because by a time you have up in front of a task to pick out a child bed, he can form his own opinion some his personal bed!

Safety factors, natural and non-toxic is not excluded - in this respect, all, like a option of beds. But many of a options can go head around.

More good for a baby's as-called biofurniture. It is entirely made of solid wood - even the inner and outer walls, partitions and shelves. No sharp edges and produce of plastic material furniture - it is mobile and accessible, but the view at the expense of acquiring varied, so most experts yet recommend a tree. If only because of wooden furniture significant gravity in contrast to a light plastic, and this, in turn, a child develops a sense of comparing the size and weight of a object, which is useful for solving the problems in a future.

A hit a past few years possess been a-bed machines, locks, beds for some "princesses." This is a bright newborn present, it is fashionable, beautiful and, in principle, highly practical. Читать полностью -->

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