What does a flu shot


Now understand, why did you need flu vaccine for your newborn.

The fact that vaccination safeguard a body with a severe configuration of the disease and its complications, we are aware of. And a fact that a child is not familiar with a influenza virus, however opposed to adults, probably never heard of. However, just because familiarity with a virus for a 1-st time is at such a attractive age, the percentage of complications increases. To all this, add a fact that a child most of a time in a group (kindergarten, school), and why are at risk. In that case, the vaccination will be the right solution and is effective in a prevention of influenza.

The following matter that parents are interested in vaccination: which is good - a shot or nasal spray? According to doctors, the one and a other is an efficient means for a prevention of influenza. Both methods are safe. Читать полностью -->

So to bring down a temperature of an infant?


Babies under one year is best to give a broth raisins, and after a year - stewed plum. Note that raspberry provokes sweating. However, be great to drink other beverages child earlier giving raspberries. Moreover, despite the long-standing practice to use Kalina-raspberry-lemon, sour at big temperatures is contraindicated, how a acidity of the body in this state already raised.

Varied juices at high temperatures is as well highly desirable.

If the newborn goes through drink and refuses to drink is permitted, it is correct to let him drink, she similar, what he does not drink at all.

And strive to drink temperature was approximately equal to a temperature of the body.

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Care of a child. Therapy of measles in children


Hospitalization to be patients with severe disease, the other babies may be cared for at home. A basic principle in a treatment of patients is the creation of a satisfactory sanitation and nutrition. Students should easily digested foods containing high amounts of vitamins. Particular note want be given to drinking dietary - a introduction of sufficient amounts of fluent.

In the acute phase of a disease is recommended in bed. Given the potential for the evolution of conjunctivitis and photophobia occurring, it is important to make a protective eye mode to lightness from directly hitting them. Maybe even curtaining windows in the time period.

To reduce itching prescribe antihistamines.

Advisability of vitamin A and C.

Antibiotic therapy is prescribed alone when indicated.

In severe disease infusion therapy performed in a hospital. Читать полностью -->

Child care. If your baby refuses to eat soup


Properly, you want first find out a taste preferences of the palate. Perhaps you add to to the dish something that crumbs do not like highly much.

Secondly, strive to connect a newborn to do a meal. A newborn with delight to ablution raw vegetables for lunch or fill up in a pan rump. And if all this will put put under a support of a fantastic story on the subject, he will want to at least strive what came of it.

Often children eat, as to speak, for a company. Sit down at the dinner desk all the family. Can you put a device and Bunny. Читать полностью -->

Care of a newborn. How to make mashed child


Ricer pick alone good, preferably homemade, and no processed vegetables. Wash good wash out and rinse again - perfect than boiling water. Cover with hot h2o and make until tender. It is recommended to make steamed fresh vegetables or a little amount of liquid. After a water drain, mash with a spoon through much, dilute a remaining veg soup, milk, add to a natural butter and softly prisolit brine (though most contemporary advises pediatricians to do entirely without sol). Presently, again, bring lots to the seethe and treats her prince or princess.

Regarding fruit puree, fruit here after thorough washing basically just grinded blender. Читать полностью -->

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