Attention of a newborn. So to bring down a temperature of the child folk remedies?


Even when there is a need to artificially lower the aging body temperature of a child, do not hasten to resort to chemical pharmaceuticals. In approximately cases it can help people's money at a high temperature in children. This is certainly plenty of drink, on which we have repeatedly emphasized (It is possible to try tea of??linden, chamomile). You want not wrap up a newborn, if not chilly - a temperature want be released to the outside.

More slowly than a fever, but it is safe, according to the national judges, are wet wiping, and for this it is required to apply aqua at placement temperature. Efficient folk remedy for a big temperature in a newborn - wrap. Wrap up in a naked baby soaked in cool h2o linen sheets, wear wet socks with h / b fabric complete them - very dry wool, so shook her it in a very dry towel and over a top - in a soft wool blanket. When the patient propoteet, Rinse it under a shower, and put it in a dry linen and clothes.

It is serious to know that these techniques - kneading and wrapping coldness water - can be carried out alone at the "hot" heating. If a newborn has a pale skin and very dry cold limbs, so there is a spasm and coldness aqua will alone worsen his condition.

Many helps heartwarming shower or bath: just put the child for a some minutes in a shower or soak in the bathtub with h2o, which is 2 degrees below the temperature of a body. Then speedily wrap (dry and dress). So, I would not recommend this way for one cause: there is a sharp drop in body temperature a any degrees, which is quite a strong blow to the cardiac system.

Contribute to the reduction of toxicity at high temperature may enema of 1 teaspoon baking milk, dissolved in a glass of water: 1/2-year-old children are introduced to 50 ml milk solution, following 6 weeks to a year and a half - to 100 ml after 2 years - up to 200 ml.

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